The Weddin': June 27, 1987

Bill was 22, and I was two months away from my 22nd birthday: we were so young!

here's the bride

I wore my grandmother's (Nana's) veil, from her wedding on the same day in 1928 (many thanks to my Mom for having it restored for us; she also sewed my dress!). My younger sister wore the same veil at her own wedding on June 12, 1999 (she got hitched to a really terrific fella, too: my sisters and I seem to share a gift for acquiring excellent spouses).

skipping down the aisle

This is the famous "skipping down the aisle" picture. Yes, we really did skip down the aisle at the end of the ceremony.

can-can attendants

These talented ladies are my two sisters and my two best friends--and also the best bridal attendants the world has ever known. From back to front: my younger sister Shelley; my older sister Amy; my best-friend-since-the-7th-grade Wendy; my best-friend-since-the-3rd-grade Jane (who took that picture of us sharing the milkshake on the Courtin' Days page).

so happy

Our Indiana friend David Gibbs (who is a gifted photographer) had us pose quickly for this one as we were fleeing the reception. We're so glad he stopped us!

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