indigo ammonite (sewn spiral) on t-shirt indigo nyongui tournant (Guineen wave-sewn folds) variation on t-shirt indigo clothes-pin pleats on white silk scrap indigo 4-petal flowers on yellow silk scrap indigo concentric diamond ties (Algerian inspired) on mauve silk scrap indigo nyongui tournant variation on nubby mixed fiber scarf

About the name

"Bello Marini" is a name and description of me in the Hausa language of West Africa. "Bello" is my "Hausa name", chosen because it is somewhat similar to "Bill". "Marini" means "dyer", especially "indigo dyer". So "Bello Marini" is "Bill the Dyer".

About the logo

The logo image is a design based on a hat found in one of the burial caves in the Bandiagara Hills, Mali. The hat is from the 11th or 12th century AD, when the people known to the Dogon as "Tellem" lived in the region. It is made of strip-woven cotton cloth tied and then dyed with indigo. indigo-dyed hat, 11-12th cent, Bandiagara Hills, Mali, Cave C, artifact&lb; C-71-180, photo colorized from Gerard Jansen photo in History, Design, and Craft in West African Strip-Woven Cloth
Photo by Gerard Jansen, colorized by me


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